Leader distributor in Italy of semifinished industrial and thermoresistant products


The gained experience allows us to withstand competition from rising industrial realities, at the same time the non-aggressive commercial policy choice we made allowed to nourish an upright clientele well aware of the benefits and opportunities we keep offering. After 50 years, while introducing new products like expandable sleeves and braided metal connections, Isolet Industriale proves itself as a reference point in this sector on national and international territory.


To keep steady the high quality offered, each product in our catalogue is finely manufactured and processed internally to our company, or carefully selected from our most trustworthy external suppliers. All items undergo a thorough control, with the aim of offering only the best and most impeccable choices to the clients.


All catalogued articles are stored in our warehouse in a minimum quantity able to satisfy our main clients’ market demand, guaranteeing a speed delivery. The long term relationship preserved with the external suppliers allows us to trace and find less common products as well in the lesser time span possible, always keeping up the company’s efficiency and availability.